SKOK! Is 10 Years Old

2021-06-17 - 2021-06-20 Záhrada - Centrum nezávislej kultúry, Banská Bystrica

SKOK! and Záhrada - CNK invite you to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the civic association dealing with performative art.



17 June 2021
Shantala Pèpe: Alice
dance performance

Parachuted into the heart of a dreamlike plot, a dreaming girl falls from one imaginary space into another, pursuing a strange nursery rhyme in a series of closed-door scenes. Accompanied by a mysterious and large sheet of white cardboard, she is caught up in a game of manipulations with incessant reversals, a maze of light and sound situations entirely live. She gradually takes possession of this enigmatic partner as she gives him life: bearing multiple figures, he merges with the wings of a bird, becomes a moving table, shines like a star, and inevitably closes like a trap. An unlikely partnership that straddles imbalance, phantasmagoria, sound hallucinations and graphic reversals. Very loosely based on Lewis Carroll, this Alice tells us the story of whimsical solitude, punctuated by the absurd, at every moment oscillating between enchantment and fear.

Concept, Choreography, and Performance: Shantala Pèpe
Lighting & Sound Design, Artistic Collaboration: Hugues Girard
Choreographic Assistant: Maria Eugenia Lopez
Costume: Patricia Eggerickx
Set Design Advice: Peter Maschke

Production: Incógnita asbl/Shantala Pèpe
Coproduction: Les Brigittines - Playhouse for Movement.
Created with the support of: the Wallonia-Brussels Federation - dance department, The Cultural Center Jacques Franck, Le Marni and the Dag Van de Dans.


Shantala Pèpe: The Magma Chamber
short film


Behind closed doors, seated between a white wall and a white table, a woman with no face embodies a series of threatening sound figures, as many distressing voices that inhabit her. Penetrated by creatures inhabiting tales collective imagination, she becomes the playground and the battlefield of feminine entities fighting over a same territory. Her body, never exposed entirely, is deconstructed, dismantled in a primary and insatiable bestiary, threatening its own sovereignty.

Is she a witch? A spider-woman, a goddess, a she-wolf or a carnivorous plant? And will they triumph over the woman they colonised?

The Magma Chamber is a discourse without words, a cry without voice, that tells us the violences and the ambivalences contained in the archetypes structuring female identity.

Written by: Shantala Pèpe
Directed in Collaboration with: Antonin de Bemels
Choreography & Performance: Shantala Pèpe
Photography & Sound Design: Antonin de Bemels
Lighting Design: Hugues Girard
Lighting Technician: Stéphane Rimasauskas
Costumes: Shantala Pèpe with the help of Patricia Eggerickx
Editing: Antonin de Bemels & Shantala Pèpe
Script Supervisor: Mariyya Evrard
Sound Mixing: Alexis Oscari
Color Grading: Claire Beunckens

Production: Incógnita asbl/Shantala Pèpe
Co-production: Stéla - DesArts//DesCinés . Production manager in France: Anna Alexandre
With the support of: the Bureau d'Accueil des Tournages de La Loire, The City of Saint Etienne, and Athanor asbl
Thanks to: Catherine Simon, Félix Blum, Stéphane Jossart, Cédric Celorio-Lopez, Alexandre Wajnberg, and the Atelier du Théâtre Libre


18 June 2021
Shantala PèpeCarcan
dance performance

In a metronomic and hypnotic sway, a woman emerges from the shadow, her eyes staring forward. Animated by metric and smooth arm dance, she is emanating cold and mechanical sensuality. As she moves forward, her movements free themselves and turn into erratic outbursts and volutes transforming her from one woman to another, from one role to another. Organicity and breath interfere in the stranglehold of the rhythmic loop and give way to enchantment.

Concept & Dance: Shantala Pèpe
Sound Design: Thomas Turine
Lighting Design: Hugues Girard

Production: Company Shantala Pèpe/Incógnita asbl



Jaro Viňarský: Last Step Before
a short story about necessity of gravity
physical performance / solo


Ohromujúce sólo nesené poéziou, utrpením a krásou. Hra tieňov a červených svetiel doplnená okúzľujúcou hudbou vytvára pred očami divákov jedinečný svet.
Thierry Jourdain (Rouen, Publi-reportage, 2005)


A story about one of many human attempts at flying. Our "hero" contemplates long about how to fly towards an indistinct but fundamental goal. There are many attempts and several ways of reaching this goal. But still, it seems as if he is always at the beginning, as if he has failed to get anywhere. He does not realise that the greatest barrier in achieving his dream is his ability to create his own illusions about something that people were not meant for. But he also possesses the courage to continue to believe that, under certain circumstances, he can achieve the impossible. It is just this tremendous courage which finally helps him to break through the wall of his own illusions and achieve enlightenment.

This piece is based on the very close relation between the performer on the stage and light design.


Concieved, choreographed, and performed by: Jaro Viňarský
in collaboation with:

Light Design: Pavel Kotlík
Lighting: Tomáš Morávek & Katarína Ďuricová
Costumes: Ondrej Bederka & Marek Žitník
Music: A Silver Mount Zion & Artango

Thanks to: Karine Ponties for her professional and personal support before and during the creation on this solo piece as well as for allowing me to use unused movement and physical material generated during the creation on the HOLEULONE performance choreographed by her and procuced by DAME DE PIC / Karine Ponties cie.

Financial Support: The Prize of Jarmila Jerabkova 2003, competition for young choreographers (Duncan Centre, Prague, CZ)

Premiere: November 2004, Duncan Centre (Prague, CZ)
Toured in Europe: Slovakia, Czech Republic, France, Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Germany, and Norway. Since its premiere the piece was performed around 50 times and is still available to tour.

Awards: Sazka Prize for "discovery in dance" and Audience Prize at Czech Dance Platform (Prague, CZ, 2006) 



19 June 2021
This Is Not a Therapy!
A public presentation of ten-year-long experience with the art of the body and a short film MeMoirs XX

MeMoirs XX is a creative collective of people born during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in spring 2020. As far as lockdowns continue, we continue. We simply started with collecting memories through dance, sound, and writing. We do not know where we are heading, but we know we are heading towards that unknown together.


19 - 20 June 2021
Jaro Viňarský: D.N.A. of Dance
workshop with Jaro Viňarský


Blízkosť, dotyk, komunita a dych sú esenciálne prvky DNA tanca. Súčasná kríza zasiahla nielen našu prax, ale aj to, kým sme.
Tanec v podstate znamená zdieľať skúsenosť. Tanec je o komunite.
Anna Teresa de Keersmaeke
(online conference What’s Next in Restructuring the Dance Ecosystem, EDN)



Supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council - the main partner of the project O umení tela 2020.



Photo: Katarína Baranyai

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