SKOK! organizes activities aimed at improving the position of physical arts and the development of conditions for production, research and presentation on the Slovak cultural scene and also abroad. We care primarily for approaching and deepening perception of the physical arts towards the general public and therefore we offer courses cycles for the public through informal education WorkshoW that is linked to the establishment of closer connection between the work of artists and audiences through the activities which are offering the possibility of direct contact with artists and their creative work (the discussions after performances, then so-called "Showings" - of the creative process in its several stages even before the premiere, the opportunity to become a part of creative process.


General Project Partner

Projects supported using public funding by Slovak Arts Council:
Tancujúce telo a svetlo, You Are Here, Solus, Aktivity 2017, O UMENÍ TELA 2018 "Nebojme sa tanca!", O umení tela 2019, O umení tela 2020.


SKOK! works on ONLYOFFICE platform



Financial Support